One of our key aims with Field Trip is to make sure the artists represent an inspiring balance of styles. We create our artwork in very different environments from studios all over the world and, as you can see, we have a wide variety of interesting approaches. We hope you enjoy this peek into our creative lives! 

Monika (left/top) is Swedish but lives in London, where she works from her apartment on a small scale, assembling her imaginative collages out of drawn bits or paintings. Kelly (right/bottom) creates gestural, watercolour florals and abstracts from a small and charming Michigan town. She often works at a very large scale to keep the movement of her brushstrokes fluid and free.


Carrie and Morgan from Ampersand Design Studio work closely together in their light-filled studio in Kansas City to create their bold, artful, fun, and colour-filled style. Their favourite techniques include pen and ink, paint and cut paper.

Suzy (left/top) collects inspiration, from vintage ephemera to unique textiles and notions, perfectly balancing sophistication and whimsy from her studio in Ohio. Jillian (right/bottom) sketches and paints from her home studio in Dorset, using different techniques to create her signature style, always accompanied by her friendly Dachsund, Bertie.


Carolyn works from her home in LA and often finds herself painting at this gorgeous dining table, working on her computer at her corner desk in the living room, or sitting on the couch with her pup, Sugar, while drawing in her sketchbook. 


Nottene Studio is a husband and wife team working from their studio in Philadelphia. They like to push the boundaries of what is possible in screen printing and drawing to see how much of the details and pleasant imperfections can be brought out during the process.


Sara works from her Brownstone apartment in Brooklyn, documenting details of her life in stunning sketchbooks that have become a huge part of her work. She often looks back through them to inspire a new project.

Elizabeth (left/top) is Canadian, working in Lisbon. She begins by drawing on paper then redraws her motifs on her iPad Pro, lovingly assembling each element into a well-composed pattern with a focus on balance and delicious colour. Victoria (right/bottom) is English, working from her home studio in Rome. She experiments with a range of materials and techniques, rarely sketching or planning but letting her designs grow organically.


Caroline is French but has recently moved to New York for a while. Hand-drawing is always her first step, before organising and perfecting digitally, followed by experimenting with unexpected colour palettes (her favourite part!).

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