Last month we showed you our studios. Now let us share some of the beautiful products that came out of them! We all make artwork in very different ways, with a variety of tools and inspirations. Here is a look into how that artwork comes to life on products. Field Trip is only a month away — we’re excited to show you what we’ve been working on! 

Kelly Ventura (left/top) often works in watercolor, as she enjoys its transparent qualities and the ability to create rich compositions with layers of pigment. Her work is gestural, full of color and fresh. Suzy Ultman's (right/bottom) work has sophisticated charm with a side of playful, from an artist who lives in a land of mustached snails and apple houses.


Jillian Phillips finds inspiration for her beautiful work on her yearly trips to Tokyo and Scandinavia, and has a trip to Iceland on her must-see list for 2018.

Ampersand Design Studio (left/top) is inspired by life in the Midwest, their kids’ imaginations and their own long-time friendship and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Carolyn Suzuki's work (right/bottom) work is described as feminine with a sense of humor and she hopes her work conveys a sense of whimsy while putting a smile on the face of those who engage with her designs.


Elizabeth Olwen is inspired by the world around her—her own city, her cherished adventures abroad, and all forests, gardens and living creatures in between.

Victoria Johnson (left/top) experiments with a wide variety of techniques and materials. The process is organic and often determines the outcome. She chooses subject matter that facilitates her explorations into texture, pattern and beautiful, feminine colour. Nottene Studio (right/bottom) is a print and pattern studio based in an old row home in Philadelphia and it's pronounced [nuh-ten-uh], which is based on the Norwegian word for nuts (nøttene). 

Monika Forsberg (left/top) studied art & filmmaking at the Royal College of Art and her work is a quirky explosion of colour and humour in a technicolor world. Using pen, paper and paint, she creates a fusion of everyday observation and fantasy. Caroline from Bikini Sous La Pluie (right/bottom) is a French textile designer who is currently living in New York for a few months. She has a predilection for conversational prints, drawing quirky cats and dogs, and playing with colors (pink and blue is her favorite combination).


Sara Boccaccini Meadows takes inspiration from nature and the tiny details in her everyday surroundings to create unique and quirky print illustrations. 

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Though we'd love to invite our fellow artists and art lovers to this event, this is a trade event only.