We Love NYC !

We can't wait to get together for Field Trip on Monday May 20, from 1-8pm in New York City. Check out our favorite things about any trip in the city, whether you're a local or traveling from afar !!


Suzy Ultman

"I love getting lost in the bustling crowds of New York. When I visit, I shed my small-town roots, and move to the groove of the city flock. Uptown, midtown, downtown, all-around fun!"


Sara Boccaccini Meadows

"I have this real love/hate relationship with NYC. When I love the city, I really love it and there's nowhere better. The best thing for me is the people—there's a place for everyone and class, gender, race is forgotten when you're all riding the dirty subway together. My favourite thing is the marches and rallies bringing everyone together."


Monika Forsberg

 "The best thing about New York is that you instantly feel as if you’re in a movie. It doesn’t matter if you're walking through a rainy Central Park, buying a coffee in Brooklyn, getting on a train for Times Square or walking past a closed down Chelsea Hotel on the way to an art shop; it all feels as if you’re in a film. Magic."


Lillian Farag

"My favorite thing about living in New York is being able to eat anything I want at anytime! I love that there are so many food options to choose from. The hot dog cart or a quick pizza slice are some of the many foods that really make me feel like a New Yorker on the go. Not to mention all the different cultures that have come to settle in this melting pot of a city. For someone who loves to try new things, I feel lucky to be able to try authentic food without having to travel too far!"


Kimberly Ellen Hall/Nottene Studio

"I lived in NYC for 10 years in between other cities, and whenever I go back I love to notice all the little details. Seeing the littlest plants squeezing their way up towards the sunshine next to the giant skyscrapers always reminds me that there is room for everyone in this crazy city."


Kelly Ventura

"For this small town Michigan girl, visiting New York City is a grand adventure every single time. I love walking through each of the neighborhoods and soaking up the energy, culture, color and inspiration that you can find in the most unexpected places."


Jessica Nielsen 

"I have a vintage postcard of New York on the wall next to my bed. It has been there so long I didn’t notice it anymore. But now that I’ll be joining Field Trip the card makes me smile each morning in anticipation of the exciting trip I have ahead. I can’t wait to get to know New York better and enjoy it’s beauty, energy, chaos…"

Elizabeth Olwen

"For me, New York is all about the incredible energy. I get off the plane and feel like I’m instantly transported in the belly of a majestic beast. Yellow cabs, bright lights, big city, the eternal buzzing and bustling. Where people are making things happen, where ambition comes to find its path, where anything is possible. It’s the city of dreams, and I’m often in New York to present my creative work. So, to this forever-smalltown girl, now living in the relaxed city of Lisbon, it always truly feels like I’m walking on, and towards, a dream."


Carolyn Suzuki

"My all time favorite thing to do when I’m in NY is to put on music and wander around aimlessly all day. Music helps to heighten my other senses when I explore the city, I get to see more, smell more and and feel more. When NY is set against music, I become a New Yorker instantly,  I can move freely with it’s flow and feel that I belong there. I love you NY!"


Carrie Shryock 

"Coming from my home in central Missouri, where I’m surrounded by prairie land and my nearest neighbor is about a half mile away, New York City is just about as opposite as you can get. That is precisely why I love visiting! When I’m in the city I can’t help but marvel at how it feels like being inside one giant living organism. From the underground subway system, to the boat traffic in the harbor, to the streets and avenues, it’s a place of constant motion. Everything works together. The city has it’s own heartbeat, and it just never stops."


Bikini sous la pluie

"When I was a kid, my parents used to drop me to school with their old Citroen car…and at that time, I have to say that I was quite ashamed of it ! But over the 10 past years, I’ve came to NYC quite often and to my great surprise, I have developed an obsession for vintage cars there. Each time I’m arriving in the city, it’s becoming a kind of hunting game. Luckily for me, I can find some amazing specimens at every corner in Brooklyn!"


Ampersand Design Studio

"Our favorite part of being in NYC is the change of scenery. We love the perspective we get from different surroundings, and in New York there is something exciting to see everywhere (even from our hotel window).  We often find new color palettes from buildings placed next to each other or from signs on the street. We are always overloaded with inspiration when we spend time there."

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Thanks again for following along with this artsy adventure of ours and see you SOON!

All our best,

the Field Trip family