Fieldtrip 2019 is less than a week away and we simply cannot wait ! It has been a busy year and we look forward to returning to New York to share our art in a wonderful setting. Our signature Fieldtripper cocktail is back and so is our wonderful DJ Lauren. Be prepared for a visual feast as well as wonderful food.

Us girls of Fieldtrip sat down and talked about our favourite colors for this last newsletter before the show...Read on below... 

Kelly Ventura

"I am an introvert at heart but using bright and bold color in my work is a way for me to show that other, more energetic and expressive side I don't often show. It's rare to find a painting of mine that doesn't have a little hot pink or bright orange-y red in it."

Suzy Ultman

"Color plays nostalgic in my mind—from early childhood memories of organising my mom's collection of rainbow sprinkles & pastel cake decorations, to watching old movies with an elegant Audrey Hepburn wearing that perfect, confident lipstick."

Kimberly Ellen Hall

"I love all colors! Especially to paint with them...I love to mix colors and always feel a little thrill of surprise when I mix up something new. I can't think of a color I don't like"

Jessica Nielsen

"I don't have a favourite colour but a favourite way of APPLYING colours. I love to work with colour 'fields' and hardly ever use gradients, blend colours or choose pastels. Strangely enough as colourful as my patterns are, my wardrobe is the complete opposite and loves black."

Carry Shryock

"Isn't it interesting how we all have our own color preferences? We're all drawn to certain colors and shy away from others. It's hard for me to say what my absolute favorite color is—it depends on the day, the season and the mood I'm in. I like them ALL! Except for one. Red. I'm talking straight from the primary colors red. I feel really bad for even saying it, for calling out. Red has never done anything to me. I can't precisely say why, but I just don't like it. I don't ever wear it and only use it in very small doses in my work. I guess it is too strong, it has too much power. I can't handle it. I'm really sorry, red."

Elizabeth Olwen

"Though many colours pop into my mind, it's hard for me to choose a favourite colour because I think what I love most about colour is the relationships that form between them. The combinations. How one colour might seem quite unassuming until combined with its perfect partner, and it just comes alive. Choosing a favourite colour also feels sort of like choosing a meal you will eat for the rest of your life. How do I choose, with so many delicious options to choose from?"

Ampersand Studio

"We have a long history of loving color. Carrie has a 'condition' called Synesthesia where her brain associates all letters and numbers with colors. It wasn't until her twenties that she discovered this isn't something everyone does....And as a child, Morgan could put her crayons in rainbow order before she could count to three. She's been told by her parents that it became an obsession to put anything and everything in rainbow order every chance she got. So it's really no wonder that we click with each other and have made color such a big part of our business.¨

Sara Boccaccini Meadows

"I've always loved a muted palette and take a lot of inspiration from the natural world when it comes to my colour choice for artwork. Misty Green, Pale Pink and Olive tones often feature in my work with deeper tones highlighting points of depth."

Carolyn Suzuki

"My favorite color is blue or light blue," I'd always say as kid. Aquamarine was my favorite Crayola crayon color. My favorite Esprit suit was a gorgeous teal. My favorite piece of jewelry was this giant turquoise ring I found in a little shop in Tijuana. I grew out of that phase and have been living my entire adult life without a favorite color, but now that I think of it...Peaches and pinks make me feel summer-y and free and I use them a ton in my work, Here's to peaches and pinks!"

Monika Forsberg

"My favourite colour is green. And blue. I also like beige and pink...And I'm very fond of red and mustard (but not necessarily paired together). Orange, lilac, purple and blue. I love them all!"

Lillian Farag

"I always get asked 'What is your favorite color?' and the truth is, it can never be just one particular color. For me, it's the color relationships where the true beauty lies. My current favorite color combo is pink and yellow. Two mellow colors that have so much to offer. Drop a bit of yellow into the pink and you have a beautiful coral. Add a bit more yellow and the coral will transition to a light peach. With color there are so many possibilities to create a feeling or emotion.That's the most exciting part of being an artist who works so closely with them, the warmth, cool and calming happiness they bring."

Bikini Sous La Pluie

"As a child, I remember my mum saying that some color combinations were forbidden. Pink and red, navy and black for example. I don't know if this is related but finding unexpected color ranges has become one of the favorite parts of my job! Colors have a real power and influence on my mood and that's often the first things I will notice in an artwork, outfit or landscape... For each project I will spread hundreds of color samples all over my desk and let my instinct drive me to the right colors until I find the perfect balance."


Fieldtrip 2018, Photographs by Christine Han Photography

Fieldtrip 2018, Photographs by Christine Han Photography

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